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Benefits of HBOT

The following are mechanisms and benefits of hyperbaric oxygen found in peer-reviewed research:
Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  • Reduce swelling, edema and inflammation 
  • Impair pro-inflammatory cytokine production by monocyte-macrophages
  • Prevents release of proteases and free radicals causes vasoconstriction and cellular damage
  • Augment synthesis and stabilization of hypoxia inducible factors
  • Increase glutathione
  • Increase superoxide dismutase 
  • Reduce the inflammatory response of the neuronal cells through the transfer of mitochondria
Antiviral & Antibacterial Effects
  • Reactive Oxygen Species deactivate viruses
  • Prevents production of clostridial alpha-toxin
  • Prevents growth of species such as Pseudomonas
  • Functions as a natural antibiotic
  • Restore neutrophil-mediated bacterial killing 
  • Synergy with Antibiotics
Brain & Cardiovascular Function
  • Grow new neurons (neurogenesis)
  • Repair damaged blood vessels
  • Promote transfer of mitochondria from astrocytes to PRNCs reducing cell death in stroke and TBI patients
  • Increase Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor
  • Downregulation of microglia activation
  • May be helpful when used alongside cancer treatments
    • Reduce cancer growth.
    • Improve the delivery of chemotherapy drugs to a tumor
    • Result in an increase in the body’s own stem cells
    • Reduce negative effects of radiation
    • Improve quality of life
    • Patients with brain tumors undergoing radiation and chemotherapy experience longer survival times and reduced side effects with simultaneous use of HBOT
  • Increase circulation
  • New blood vessel growth by increase in local endothelial cells (angiogenesis) 
  • Vasculogenesis
Epigenetic Effects
  • Activates over 4,000 anti-inflammatory genes
  • Deactivates similar numbers of pro-inflammatory genes
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve hepatic survival after transplantation 
  • Limit peri-infarct/peri-impact tissue loss
Pain Relief
  • Decrease morning stiffness
  • Relief from tendinopathy and tendonitis
  • Low back, Sacroiliac joint, Osteoarthritic, knee, elbow, wrist, fingers and neck pain
  • Enhance quality of life for Fibromyalgia patients
  • Decreased total tender point number in Fibromyalgia patients
Support Detoxification
  • Enhance body’s natural antioxidant system
  • Increase glutathione
  • Increase superoxide dismutase 
  • Modulates immune system
  • Repair damaged mitochondria
  • Stimulate lymph activity
  • Improve sleep quality
Wound Healing/General
  • Oxygenation of blood plasma, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid
  • Stimulate the recruitment and differentiation of circulating stem/progenitor cells to form vessels (vasculogenesis) 
  • SPCs mobilized, showed improved function once they home to peripheral sites.
  • Supports optimal Collagen Synthesis
  • Promotes angiogenesis
  • 20 HBOT sessions can increase stem cell count eightfold 
  • Stimulate Growth Factors
  • Increases Efficacy of IV therapies
  • Lead to more rapid return of donor liver function

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The following are mechanisms and facility of hyperbaric oxygen found in peer-reviewed research: