Currently, there is a great deal of focus and attention being put on hyperbaric oxygen therapy, due to the promising results seen in clinical research and the potential application that this can have for those individuals who have suffered a stroke or TBI. Now, there is strong evidence supporting the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy BEFORE brain trauma or injury, by preconditioning the brain with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

This study shows that HBOT preconditioning stands as a robust prophylactic treatment for the sequestration of inflammation inherent in stroke and TBI. Though we can’t predict when the brain will be under traumatic stress (unless it’s a planned surgical procedure),  hyperbaric oxygen may become one of the best ways to protect our brain from future injuries. The following groups of individuals would be the ones that would most likely benefit:

  • Athletes and contact sports affecting the head
  • Patients undergoing planned brain surgery
  • High-risk stroke patients
  • Those who are at risk for neuro-degenerative conditions
  • Elderly

The future holds bright for the application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for being part of both the treatment of brain trauma and for the prevention of the severity of damage that can subsequently occur <view study

Prophylactic treatment of hyperbaric oxygen treatment mitigates inflammatory response via mitochondria transfer – PubMed (nih.gov)

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