PEMF Therapy Boosts Energy for MS Patients

Fatigue can plague those who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS), but a study shows that PEMF therapy boosts energy for MS patients. The goal of the study was to address multiple symptoms of MS patients, including bladder problems, spasticity (muscle spasms), fatigue, and their overall quality of life. These patients received daily exposure to a PEMF device that was portable. This device was most likely a small, hand-held device. The study does not indicate what settings were used, and for how long. However, lower settings between 3-5 Hz for about 10 minutes are good for relaxation. The MS Quality of Life Inventory was used to measure the results. This showed that 81% of those who completed their sessions, said that PEMF therapy boosts energy.

It is important to note, that because MS is the result of damage to the myelin sheath, that the nerve cells can become inflamed around the brain, spinal cord, and elsewhere. Letting the entire body have a taste of PEMF therapy throughout may well result in improvement in other symptoms. The very fact that PEMF therapy boosts energy is encouraging.

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PEMF Therapy Education, Mar 21, 2018.

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