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We have 5 soft chambers in our facility that reach 1.3 ATA while you breath 97% oxygen. During the 1 hour session, clients will lay on a memory foam mattress and are able to bring in their phone, IPad, laptop etc in the chamber. Our goal during the session is for our clients to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Dive- Can fit 1 person, has 2 viewing windows to see out and measures 33″ in diameter. 

Grand Dive- Can easily fit 2 people, has two viewing windows and measure 40″ in diameter.

Grand Dive Pro Plus- Can fit up to 3 people, is wheelchair/gurney accessible and measures 60″ in diameter. 

Not sure what to do or whether hyperbaric therapy is right for you?

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Hyperbaric Treatment Bend OR
Grand Dive (up to 2 people)

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Hyperbaric Therapy Bend OR
Grand Dive Pro (up to 4 people)

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