Effectiveness of magnetotherapy in optic nerve atrophy: a preliminary study

Magnetotherapy effects on visual functions (vision acuity and field), on retinal bioelectric activity, on conductive vision system, and on intraocular circulation were studied in 88 patients (160 eyes) with optic nerve atrophy. A Soviet Polyus-1 low-frequency magnetotherapy apparatus was employed with magnetic induction of about 10 mT, exposure 7-10 min, 10-15 sessions per course. Vision acuity of patients with its low (below 0.04 diopters) values improved in 50 percent of cases. The number of patients with vision acuity of 0.2 diopters has increased from 46 before treatment to 75. Magnetotherapy improved ocular hemodynamics in patients with optic nerve atrophy, it reduced the time of stimulation conduction along the vision routes and stimulated the retinal ganglia cells. The maximal effect was achieved after 10 magnetotherapy sessions. A repeated course carried out in 6-8 months promoted a stabilization of the process.

Zobina LV, Orlovskaia LS, Sokov SL, Sabaeva GF, Kondé LA, Iakovlev AA. Effektivnost’ magnitoterapii pri atrofii zritel’nogo nerva. Predvaritel’noe issledovanie [Effectiveness of magnetotherapy in optic nerve atrophy. A preliminary study]. Vestn Oftalmol. 1990 Sep-Oct;106(5):54-7. Russian. PMID: 2264232.


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