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At Halo Hyperbarics & Healing, we are dedicated to forwarding the science and awareness of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, as well as all our other holistic therapies including IV, Injections and PEMF Therapy.

Halo Hyperbarics and Healing is family owned and operated!

“Our inspiration to start this business began with our owners son, Cutler, who was born with a condition that needed surgical attention. After 5 failed surgeries when he was young, his parents found a surgeon who specializes in this condition in Texas. Hyperbaric treatments were an absolute requirement from the surgeon because of its quick and effective healing capabilities. Cutler would need 3 surgeries and 20 HBOT sessions after each surgery (60 total treatments). Not having much information about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the research began and unfortunately, in Central Oregon, there weren’t many options. Due to insurance issues and facilities not willing to see kids under the age of 12, we had to beg for Cutler to be seen. The more we learned about Hyperbaric and the many benefits it can provide so many people, we wanted to bring this to our community! 2 years of hard work, determination, and a boy who inspired us, we are proud to offer this holistic, natural affordable approach to healing!”

Our Highly Trained Staff


Teresa Jones

HBOT Technician / Office Manager


Dr. Zayd Ratansi, ND

Front Office/HBOT Tech


Jamie Jones

HBOT Technician


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The Remarkable benefits of HBOT

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About Dr. Zayd, ND

I have had the opportunity of working with HBOT for over 18 years, and observed the numerous benefits that this simple procedure has provided my patients. Over the years, my understanding of HBOT clinic has grown exponentially, leading to my strong drive to help provide both the medical community and the public with as much information as possible.

My passion is to help give as much scientific information on HBOT, allowing for greater empowerment for the public to make their own choice on whether or not HBOT would be appropriate for themselves, while also helping to facilitate the safest access to gain the most therapeutic benefits of this procedure.

I truly hope that this website can be a wealth of information for you and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


“How healthy do you want to be?”


Our Wellness Center is operated based on a series of core beliefs.  They include:

  • Everyone should take charge of their own health
  • Everyone should have natural, healing options at an affordable price
  • We believe that the body is capable of healing itself – we provide you with the help necessary your body’s healing process and not to hinder the process
  • Based on that self-knowledge, we should take action – what do I dislike about my heath and what can I do to change that?
  • Our question is always – How Can We Help You?