A review on the use of magnetic fields and ultrasound for non-invasive cancer treatment

Current popular cancer treatment options, include tumor surgery, chemotherapy, and hormonal treatment. These treatments are often associated with some inherent limitations. For instances, tumor surgery is not effective in mitigating metastases; the anticancer drugs used for chemotherapy can quickly spread throughout the body and is ineffective in killing metastatic cancer cells. Therefore, several drug delivery systems (DDS) have been developed to target tumor cells, and release active biomolecule at specific site to eliminate the side effects of anticancer drugs. However, common challenges of DDS used for cancer treatment, include poor site-specific accumulation, difficulties in entering the tumor microenvironment, poor metastases and treatment efficiency. In this context, non-invasive cancer treatment approaches, with or without DDS, involving the use of light, heat, magnetic field, electrical field and ultrasound appears to be very attractive. These approaches can potentially improve treatment efficiency, reduce recovery time, eliminate infections and scar formation. In this review we focus on the effects of magnetic fields and ultrasound on cancer cells and their application for cancer treatment in the presence of drugs or DDS.

Somoshree Sengupta, Vamsi K. Balla, A review on the use of magnetic fields and ultrasound for non-invasive cancer treatment, Journal of Advanced Research,
Volume 14, 2018, Pages 97-111, ISSN 2090-1232, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jare.2018.06.003.


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